About Nicolee

Dr. Nicolee Hiltz is a success coach whose life’s work has been to guide and influence people so they become true to themselves and live the life they desire.

Nicolee's life as gone from ordinary to extraordinary. Like everyone, her story is complex with unexpected events that have shaped her life. She has gone through an evolution as an individual, as a healer, and as an entrepreneur. Today, she is living fully with passion and joy. Her business and lifestyle are congruent with her purpose to help others. Her life is fulfilling with an abundant supply of fabulous opportunity for more growth and joy.

It was only from committing to her own personal and business growth by seeking to work with the highest caliber mindset and success experts that she grew from a psychologist in a limiting mental health oriented private practice to become a sought-after business and lifestyle coach with worldwide influence. Nicolee knows that being self-empowered is her greatest source of continuous growth and is what she helps others develop for themselves. With that power from source she knows that anything is possible.

"Empowerment is the greatest source for continuous growth and the key to success. Once someone’s power from source is discovered everything becomes possible.”

Nicolee is the creator and founder of Grow Into Possible. It is her mission statement, her process, and the outcome achieved by those who have committed themselves to work with her. Beginning at an early age she has a way of just being and doing that empower others to be the best versions of themselves. She has an ability to see the truth and potential in people. Nicolee is naturally gifted at helping her clients find what they haven’t been able to find for themselves. Once she leads them out of their own psychological shadows, Nicolee uses her creative vision and personal approach so they may express exactly who they are and live the life they desire.