Grow into Possible

It's all about growing into your life’s purpose with passion and power.
It’s about claiming and celebrating yourself.
It's about serving without being a slave.
It's about creating the life that you never knew was possible.

A Life that is Whole

Life isn't meant to be a collection of segments that are only minimally related to each other. It's meant to be a whole with each aspect supporting all the others. It's meant to be ongoing... to flow.

If you are in business or are an entrepreneur, imagine this...

You are a successful entrepreneur, multi-generational family business owner or an executive responsible for a corporation. You have a relentless desire for peak performance, and a winning-at-all-cost mentality. You have the ability to focus intensely and are driven to increase your company’s success. In a word, you are passionate.

You are like a high-performance engine and winning racehorse. Your determination is innate. When your drive to succeed is not being expressed, you are likely to experience restlessness, confusion and emptiness. Your drive is so central to your identity that it pervades all aspects of your life—personal and professional. Whether it’s in business or interpersonal relationships, you are the go-to person and you accept that role without hesitation. It’s just who you are and what you do.

But, like fire that is both a source of energy and destruction, the characteristics that create and sustain success also have the ability to generate pain and turmoil. You find yourself in a place where relationships, businesses, and personal well-being are in jeopardy. You've found yourself thinking…

“I constantly second-guess my decisions.”

“I used to feel really successful. Now I just feel empty.”

“I feel disengaged from my work. It used to be fun. Now it’s just work.”

“I feel trapped. There’s no getting away from the constant demands.”

“My family says I’m never around. I wish I could be there more.”

“I’ve lost control of my life.”

While the benefits of success are obvious and enticing, the cost is less clear and often dismissed. The cost can come in the form of sleepless nights, bad food, disappointed and angry lovers and children who feel either lonely or entitled. The dream fulfilled in success is eclipsed by a nightmare that can wring the life out of every opportunity for joy.

It's time to make some hard decisions. You've recognized things cannot continue as they are.